Emma and Will Short Story

Okay, this is just something that popped into my head one day (admittedly after watching The Amazing Spiderman…) and I had to get it out.  It’s not finished or anything, just a little something I came up with!

There’s not much I hate more than transferring schools in the middle of the semester.  As an 18 year old kid starting a new school halfway through the first semester of senior year, I wasn’t particularly holding onto much hope about my last year.  Although, there was something to be said for not having to return to school in a few months.  I had switched schools countless times since I was 14 and frankly, I couldn’t wait to not have to worry about it anymore.  To not have to worry about myself anymore.

I stared up at the building I would basically call my second home for the next six months, hoisting my backpack into a more comfortable position on my shoulder as I did so.  It was by far one of the nicer looking schools I had ever been to, that’s for sure.  I grabbed my camera from its place around my neck and snapped a few shots of the main entrance.  There were vines covering most of it, making the school look even more prestigious.  There was a steady stream of kids filing their way into the front doors, so I heaved a sigh, put my camera away and followed them in.

I already had my class schedule, so I knew I had English first thing.  I made my way to the classroom, making sure to keep my head low.  I didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention, not on the first day of school, not ever.  I found the room and quickly made my way to an empty desk behind a blonde girl.  It wasn’t at the back of the class, which was my preferred area, but it seemed innocuous enough.

The girl looked at me out of the corner of her eye as I walked past, clearly noting that I was a new addition to the class.  The teacher entered the room just as I sat down and I waited with bated breath for the girl ahead of me to raise her hand and tell the teacher there was a new student in the class.  To my surprise, she did nothing of the sort.  The class passed by quickly enough until the blonde raised her hand to get the teacher’s attention.  Really?  Waiting until the last five minutes of class to tell her about me?

I tensed, waiting for all the eyes in the room to fall on me at any moment.  Instead, all the girl ahead of me did was walk to the front of the classroom.  I got a better look at her as she stood at the front of the room, waiting patiently until everyone quieted down.  She had dark eyebrows, making me think that perhaps she dyed her hair it’s shocking blonde shade.  She was dressed like all the other keeners I had ever seen in any of my other schools, all Oxford shoes and blazers.  She cleared her throat to get the class’s attention before smiling.  She seemed innocent enough until she smiled, after that I was knocked completely off kilter.  Her smile lit up the entire room and I couldn’t stop staring at it.

“Hi guys, sorry to interrupt,” she began speaking, her voice low and sort of raspy.  “I just wanted to bring something to your attention.  As some of you may have noticed, the newspaper hasn’t exactly been up to snuff recently.  The reason for this is a lack of a photographer.  If any of you are interested in the position, please don’t hesitate to find me!  It’s a great extracurricular and there is very little experience needed,” she concluded with another bright smile before the bell rang.

Everyone gathered up their stuff and made their way through the door in a stampede, not wasting a second.  The blonde girl was one of the last to leave, taking care to organize her notes before saying goodbye to the teacher and slipping out the door.  I hastily grabbed my backpack, eager not to be left alone with my new teacher and ran out the door.  I grabbed the hood of my sweater and went to yank it down over my head, only to have a stray hand grab onto my arm.

I jumped, turning to see whoever had grabbed me.  It was the girl from English, looking up at me with an air of amusement, a smirk playing on her lips.  Up close, her eyes were the most brilliant shade of green I had ever seen on a human being.  Not that I made a habit of studying the eyes of every person I ran into, but I was pretty sure I could get lost in hers.

“A tad bit jumpy are we?”  She asked, her eyes lighting up with humour.

I tore my gaze away from her eyes, blinking to regain my composure.  “Um, well I don’t live my life expecting strangers to jump me in the hallway,” I quipped back, feeling a smile growing on my face almost by accident.  I made a habit of not interacting with many people, so this contact was strange to me.

“Well the jig is up, I know your secret,” she said softly, pulling me to the side of the hall, out of the way of the flow of traffic.  I admit, I think I stopped breathing.

I struggled to retain my outward composure and my voice was only slightly shaky when I answered, “You do, do you?”  I was trying to make a joke out of it, but I was genuinely worried.

“Of course I do!  I’m the editor of the school newspaper, it’s my job to uncover secrets,” she said with a laugh, which was actually adorable.  “You’re a photographer.  I saw you taking pictures of the building before school today.  I’m not a total stalker, just observant,” she assured me, a light blush rising in her cheeks.  I breathed an inward sigh of relief and her statement and the release of the panic made me laugh.  She looked mildly offended at my laughter, but I couldn’t help but notice her chuckle under her breath.

“Well you caught me.  I take pictures for fun, it’s my dirty little secret,” I acknowledged, enjoying this little game we were playing.  “Are you trying to recruit me for the newspaper?”  I was actually impressed with her tenacity, trying to get someone she had never met before to help her out.

“Trying to?  I was under the impression I already had,” she whispered as she moved to walk past me with triumph in her eyes and a smirk on her face.  I stood there like an idiot for a few seconds before whipping around in the direction she was headed.  I could just barely make out her blonde head bobbing in the sea of kids before disappearing from sight.  I didn’t even know her name and damned if she wasn’t right.  I had to show up to the newspaper now.  I was completely entranced by her.


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