Give thanks

As a university student, you learn to appreciate your parents and the stupendous ways they took care of you for the first part of you life.  You now understand that cooking for yourself isn’t nearly as fun as having someone else do it for you (and let’s just admit it – you eat a lot of Alphagettis and Mr. Noodles just because you can’t be bothered actually making a balanced meal).

So having the opportunity to enjoy a real home cooked meal in the comfort of your childhood home is an amazing opportunity, one that I once again took advantage of this Thanksgiving.

My mom worked basically all weekend, but that didn’t stop her from preparing a magnificent meal for my siblings, myself, and Michael.  (Seriously mom – good job).

She may not have had time to make a whole turkey, and I sure as heck wasn’t helping for fear of setting the house on fire, but she still managed to whip up delicious-ness.


This little turkey breast was more than enough to feed five people (dad was away at work for this holiday meal) and it was super delicious.  It even came pre-stuffed, to help my mom out!


We had an assortment of all my favourite veggies: green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and of course gravy and CRANBERRY SAUCE.  I seriously love cranberry sauce, I sometimes just eat whatever’s left out of the container in the fridge… so good.  We also had the crowd favourite: hashbrown casserole, and I was happy to sacrifice my portion so that others could have more.


Seriously, look at this plate, doesn’t it look absolutely amazing?!  We even had my moms signature punch to wrap the whole thing together, I mean talk about a good time!  Even Mikey likes the punch and he doesn’t normally like pop – that punch is magical.


And for dessert we had pumpkin pie with whip cream because no meal (yes, even an everyday one) is complete without pumpkin pie.  The Queen of all pies, in my humble opinion.  And as my mother informed me (thanks mom), the above picture is actually of pumpkin cheesecake, which we also had at dinner.  Because my mom is proof that there is a God.

Basically, this post is all about how awesome my mom is.  She worked I think four twelve hour shifts in a row and still managed to get a home-cooked meal on the table for her family.  That is dedication and love, and maybe it was just because I was coming home for the weekend, but whatever the case – we all appreciated it.  Thank you mom.

Go give your moms a hug for all that they do.


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