Morgan and Michael: Our Story

Now, I know what you’re thinking: this girl is 20 years old, how could she possibly have a great, romantic story? Well to be honest, it might be overly romantic, but it is our story and that’s good enough for me.

Part One
I met my current (and only second) boyfriend when I was a mere month old. Yup, you read that right. My parents and his mom graduated from Canadore College’s Nursing program together, and they lived in the same town after graduation, so it was to be expected. (I actually have the cutest picture of us, rolling around on the floor as little babies… *sigh*)

Anyway, after that we saw each other every so often, we went to different schools so we saw each other in the summer when my dad’s ball team would camp at the same campground as his family.
However, he was always following another girl around, so we never really became friends. When we entered high school, I saw him around a bit more, but he was still following this girl around. Talk about annoying right?

My first boyfriend and I broke up within a week of starting school, so I was a free agent! My friend and I decided to spy on Mikey and his lady friend, to see if they were dating or not (I didn’t really know him that well, but I was sorta interested). Turns out, they weren’t – lucky me!

Then, to our surprise, we had geography together second semester, so we sat together and started talking. It just so happened that he was moving two doors down from me, and we talked about that a lot. We became friends pretty fast, and I knew I was starting to like like him.
He finally realized that the girl he followed around for so long was using him, and was ready to ask a different girl on a lunch-date. One of my best friends. Yipee.
With the prospect of losing him to my best friend (as had happened with a lot to the guys I liked), I finally told him how I felt, and – guess what – he felt the same way.
He asked me out on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 (it only took him two days to officially ask me out…), and we’ve been together – with the exception of a two week period – ever since.
J&D Wedding and Mikey Prom 094


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