Urban adventures

I’ve called the city of Ottawa my second home for about a year and a half now.  Despite the amount of time I’ve spent here, there are still aspects of the city that take me by surprise – as I’m sure there always will be.  One of these surprises was just how much green space you can find in this city.  I live in an area of Ottawa that is not only conveniently located quite close to Carleton, but is also situated near tons of park space and trails.

One of mine and Jess’s favourite pastimes is putting on our adventure shoes and taking a walk down all the trails around our apartment.  Our favourite spots to explore (so far) near the apartment is Hog’s Back Falls, Mooney’s Bay, the trail along the Rideau River that runs along the edge of Vincent Massey Park, and the Fletcher’s Wildlife Garden (which is right across the canal from the school, super convenient and a hidden gem).

Now we just need to get the boys out of the house to join in our adventures!

IMG_20140926_160654 IMG_20140926_160946

Hog’s Back Falls is awesome for members of the waterfall fanclub (of which I am one) and in the fall the colours are spectacular.



The river is so pretty and full of ducks if you’re lucky, which is just a bonus in my opinion.  And along the trail, you find THE BEST climbing trees that bring you back to your childhood.


Fletcher’s Wildlife Garden is stunning, seriously worth exploring.


Even the canal on the way to and from school is pretty, especially before it’s drained for the winter.  Although, when it’s ready for skating it’s incredibly beautiful and a great source of exercise in those winter months.

butterfly 2

The butterfly show that runs on campus in October is a fun detour too, just beware of the many children that you will find in there… seriously, it feels like there are more of them than butterflies.

Get out and explore, you never know what you might find!


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