Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home. 

You know you’re home when you can’t imagine being happy, content, and comfortable anywhere else.  I still consider home as my log house in Huntsville, the place I’ve spent the better part of 20 years in.  But I have a secondary home now, one that is just as comfortable and cozy.

I moved in with my friend Jess at the end of August and it’s been such a cool experience.  We have to fend for ourselves, buying food and making dinner ourselves instead of sitting on the couch while someone else caters to our every need.

Of course, I’m lucky enough to have my AMAZING parents help me out with rent and tuition, which is extremely fortunate considering I’m still a poor university student.

Our apartment isn’t the biggest, but it’s the perfect size for the two of us.  We’ve furnished it in a very humble, cozy way – it almost reminds me of a cottage.  We lucked out and most of our furnishings are just items that our families didn’t want to keep around anymore (my parents have been hoarding things for forever, just waiting for one of us to move out).  Having a room that a queen bed can fit in, let alone having a queen bed to myself is a magical thing – one that I haven’t quite gotten used to (she writes as she lays on the very far edge of the bed).  I have so much space that I don’t quite know what to do with it… maybe I’ll start doing yoga, who knows?!  Things might get crazy!

Jess and I are also fortunate enough to have four of our closest friends live super close to us – Mikey and his roommates, James and Jamie, all live three floors up, while Tyler lives two apartment buildings over.  I’m lucky because I went to high school with these boys, but Jess has gotten used to them by now – it’s not like she really had a choice…

I’m looking forward to living here for the foreseeable future – it’s an amazing location, with lots of parks and walking paths close by, as well as the Rideau Canal and Mooney’s Bay practically right outside our door.

Do you think Jess and I sound awesome?  Well, you’re right!  Feel free to follow our shenanigans on Twitter @MJRoom220!


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