What a Champ.

Disclaimer: I personally do not like Justin Bieber in the slightest – never have, never will – but this article isn’t about my personal dislike (hate is a strong word) for the kid.

As I’m sure you have all heard, Justin Bieber was arrested early yesterday morning in Miami, Florida for DUI and drag racing and has since been released.  It dominated the social media world all day as news of the events unfolded, and started more than one trend on Twitter.  

This whole thing boggles my mind for a few reasons.  

1) Justin Bieber is considered a “role-model” for a lot of his fans (for reasons currently unknown).  I understand that stars are humans too and they have a right to make mistakes just like everybody else, but this dude is known around the WORLD.  He must realize that there are young people out there who look up to him and who might start copying his behaviour, as young fans are apt to do.  Should he not act a bit more responsibly instead of like the selfish, arrogant, spoiled man-child he is acting like currently?

B) Um, he was arrested for DUI… that’s a serious offence.  He could have seriously hurt himself and/or others – or much worse.  So many people are affected by drunk drivers EACH DAY; people die from this all the time.  And yet, #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin is currently trending on Twitter.  I get it, this guy is your idol (for some crazy reason), you support your idols!  I mean, I completely support Tom Hiddleston, but he is – to my knowledge – actually a DECENT human being, who didn’t get arrested for DUI (and remember, Bieber is technically underage in the States at age 19).  If this was Bieber smoking weed again, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.  Smoking weed didn’t kill an estimated 1,082 people in Canada in 2010.  I don’t think Bieber’s fans fully understand the severity of his actions and the consequences they could have had.

3) Did this guy even feel a little bit of regret?  Judging by his mug shot, my guess is no (although some of the tweets from other stars are pretty comical to read…).  My personal opinion is that Bieber couldn’t care less about his actions yesterday.  After all, he is world famous, rich, has thousands of groupies, and is – in his mind – untouchable.  

So!  There you have it.  My opinion on this whole debacle.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that he’s Canadian?  Yup, he’s from the True North, Strong and Free.  At least he got attention of Rob Ford for a little bit… way to look out for your fellow Canadians Bieber, you’re a peach.


One thought on “What a Champ.

  1. One has to wonder why his family allows him to hang out with the people he does. They so obviously are not a good influence. Oh wait, he was with his father. That explains a lot!

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