An Update after the Break

Well, this ones gonna be a long one, considering so much has happened since I last wrote.


I had exams in December, only three but still.  My first ever university exams… yikes.  Honestly, it’s pretty much exactly like what you see in the movies and hear about from older kids.  People stumble around the halls, hyped up on Redbull and coffee after not sleeping the night before.  They openly walk around in their pajamas, and no one judges because they’re doing the same thing.  Kids are crammed into every available study space on campus, more kids on campus at one time than you’ve ever seen before.  And the exam room?  Well it actually is a huge room with hundreds of desks to accommodate all the kids who will be writing their exams in there all at once.  I had kids next to me writing engineering exams while I was writing history.

Overall, I did really well on my exams.  I got a 78 on my Canadian Studies exam, a B+ for Canadian History, and a 92.5 on my European History exam (highest in the class, NBD).  They’re pretty scary, but as long as you study and know what you’re talking about, you’ll come out on top.


I got back home on December 19th (thanks daddy!) and had a joyous reunion with family and dogs.  We had Christmas on the 20th in order for my dad to be present, because he had to return to work on the 22nd.  As usual, my parents insisted we weren’t going to get much for Christmas this year and yet I got about the same as I always do.  We’re spoiled we are!  A big shout-out to Michael’s family for welcoming me into their home once again for Christmas, I had a great time, as always.  

The break as a whole was lovely, relaxing, not having to worry too much about school, catching up with friends, eating alllll the bad food… yum.  New Year’s Eve I got to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while and it was so much fun.  Oh, and I got a long overdue haircut, thank God!


Time soon came however for me and my fellow students to return to Carleton (thanks for driving us mom!) and the grind.  So far so good though!  Hopefully this semester turns out to be just as good as last.  Fingers crossed!


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