Frosh 4.0

Oh hey there Blogosphere! Long time no write, how have you been? Sorry I’ve been MIA, but let me tell you, third year has been kicking me in the butt. But let’s have a little heart-to-heart shall we? Let’s catch up, get down to the nitty gritty details of my life for the past months.

HAHA I have no life, basically nothing has happened. Except, I do have news that pertains to my last year of university, which, FYI, is next year. Oh gosh, I just threw up a little, did you?

For my last frosh week here at Carleton (fingers crossed that I graduate lol) I have the privilege of being a Vice-Head. I am beyond stoked for this opportunity, because I have loved frosh ever since I was little baby Dragon in 2013. My Khaleesi and her vice-heads made the week so spectacular that I just had to sign up the next year as a facil. My Evil G‘s made that week probably the best frosh week I’ve had so far, so guess what I did? I SIGNED UP AGAIN! And I was a Godzilla, which is where I met two of my bestest friends (#squadzilla for life) and HERE WE ARE! I’m so excited for all of my frosh friends who are in leadership roles for this upcoming frosh, and shout out to my Head and Co-Vice this year, I am so honoured to be working with you for my last frosh.

Love you Carleton, thanks for all the opportunities you’ve given me thus far.


P.S if anyone wants to read the short story I submitted that got me an interview for this job, I’ll post it below <3


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Nagrom. Nagrom lived in the Enchanted Forest, which was filled with various species of magical creatures, but Nagrom was just an ordinary girl. Now, Nagrom was shy and often had trouble reaching out to other people and making new friends. She preferred to be by herself, quietly reading a book about a brave heroine who goes on grand adventures and saves the day. Nagrom surrounded herself with fictional characters to keep her company, but little did she know that she would have to step into the shoes of her favourite characters and become the hero of her own story.

It all began when the Conspiracy attacked the Enchanted Forest. The Evil Geniuses, a nefarious group of minions determined to crush the Enchanted Forest and its inhabitants, headed the Conspiracy. They were ruthless in their intensity and enthusiasm for evil and destruction, and spared no one in their quest for victory. Of course, when Nagrom heard about the horrible way the Conspiracy was treating her friends in the Enchanted Forest, she was understandably angry, but she was also extremely scared. What could she do to help her friends? The gnomes, elves, pixies, and the other members of the Enchanted Forest had always treated her with kindness and respect, and she felt it was her duty to try and help them in any way possible. Nagrom thought long and hard – she knew she didn’t have much time until the Evil Geniuses came to her neck of the woods and forced her to join the Conspiracy. Her gaze wandered to the mountains on the edge of the forest, and suddenly, she knew what needed to be done.

Nagrom hurried to the mountains, unsure of what she would find there. She had heard rumours about the fearsome beasts that lived in cavernous caves deep within the mountains, but this was no time to shy away from the challenge. The Enchanted Forest needed her, and she was determined to try her hardest to succeed in vanquishing the Conspiracy. Now, climbing a mountain is a very hard and arduous task, but Nagrom had no time to sit and think about all the ways she could be maimed or seriously injured. Her determination was single-minded, her mind set on the task at hand. Eventually, Nagrom made it to the labyrinth of caves, unsure of how to proceed. Being a kind and gentle soul, Nagrom decided to just ask the fearsome beasts for help, and hope that her politeness would keep them from eating her.

“Excuse me, creatures of the mountains. If you wouldn’t mind terribly, the Enchanted Forest needs your help,” Nagrom squeaked, very nervously. “You see, the Conspiracy, headed by the wicked Evil Geniuses, has invaded and captured all the magical creatures living there. I don’t know what else to do or who else to turn to. I understand if you don’t feel comfortable helping a complete stranger, but I just figured that we could work together as a team – ” Nagrom was cut off by a deafening roar. From within the caves, jets of light appeared before her eyes, and she fought the urge to run away screaming. Great shapes started to emerge from the caves, spreading their wings in the open air.

Nagrom couldn’t believe her eyes. The fearsome beasts that lived in the mountains were dragons. Nagrom had heard of the dragons’ awesome power and infinite wisdom, but she thought they were extinct. The largest dragon, whose scales shone a bright purple, landed in front of Nagrom, and opened its mouth to speak. “Girl, is it true? Has the Conspiracy really set foot in the Enchanted Forest again?” Nagrom could only nod in agreement. “Blast it,” the dragon exclaimed in its deep, guttural voice. “When we fought the Conspiracy a hundred years ago, we made them swear to never return to this land. No doubt they think we have gotten soft with our old age.” The dragons around Nagrom growled with obvious disapproval. “Girl, we will help in your quest to defeat the Evil Geniuses and bring peace to this land. But in order to succeed, you must find the one who is neither dragon nor man. Look in the abandoned city, and you will find what you seek. And girl – I have a warning for you,” the dragon leaned in closely, “fear the Conspiracy.”

With that, the dragons took off into the air, sending up tornadoes of dust in their absence. Nagrom regained her voice just long enough to shout, “I’ll see you in the Enchanted Forest!” before the dragons disappeared into the distance. Now Nagrom was faced with a new challenge – to get to the abandoned city and find this curious creature that the dragons were talking about. With no other options, she hurried on her way, thinking all the while about this creature and if it would indeed help the cause.

Upon arrival at the abandoned city, Nagrom was unsure of how to proceed. The city was quite vast, filled with towering buildings that stretched on for kilometres. She decided to try the same technique she used with the dragons, as she had had luck with that the first time. However, after politely calling for whatever hid in the city, nothing happened. She knew then that this was an altogether different situation, and had to be handled as such. Nagrom climbed to the top of the tallest tower, and simply waited. The creature had to know she was there, and she felt confident that it would appear to her when it was ready.

Nagrom didn’t have to wait long before she heard a great stomping noise coming towards her. Looking down, she saw a creature that was indeed not dragon or man, but appeared to be a bizarre mixture of both. The creature was as tall as the building Nagrom was perched on, and walked right up to the edge and eyed her with one enormous eye. “Who is this that dares trespass in my city?” the creature asked in a growly voice. “I heard you earlier, talking about Evil Geniuses and the Conspiracy. Surely it can’t be true, what you say. The Conspiracy was defeated long ago by the dragons of the mountains.”

Nagrom knew this creature would need some convincing. “Yes, it is true. The Conspiracy has returned under the leadership of the Evil Geniuses. They are threatening our way of life, and I fear that even you will not be safe, even in your fortress of towers.” The creature seemed to ponder this statement for a while, before looking back at Nagrom and replying.

“Okay girl. I will help you take down the Evil Geniuses and the Conspiracy they lead. Godzilla doesn’t shy away from a fight. I will stomp their city to the ground if I have to!” The creature, Godzilla, roared and began to make his way to the Enchanted Forest. Nagrom hurried off of the tower and followed in his wake, which was really easy because he just trampled everything around him, clearing a nice little path for her to follow.

It wasn’t long before Godzilla and Nagrom met up with the dragons, who were fighting fearlessly against the Conspiracy’s forces. Godzilla turned to Nagrom and said, “I’ll see you at the end,” before running off and joining the battle on the ground. Nagrom tended to the injured, while Godzilla lead the ground offensive, leaving the air battle to the dragons. Together, they worked to defeat the Conspiracy, driving them out of the Enchanted Forest for good. When the last of the Conspiracy’s forces had been driven out, there were celebrations that lasted throughout the night. Everyone in the Enchanted Forest congratulated Nagrom on her role in the victory, and the inhabitants of the forest welcomed the dragons and Godzilla with open arms. Eventually though, the time came for things to return to the way they had been.

Nagrom walked with the dragons and Godzilla until they reached the edge of the forest and the path split. She reflected on her newfound courage and the friendships she had made. It had been a long process, and there were times when she doubted she would be up to the task, but those doubts had proved to be unfounded. When it came time to say goodbye, Nagrom thanked the dragons and Godzilla for their help, and promised she would come visit soon. As her new friends headed down their own paths, Godzilla trampling everything in sight and the dragons flying high over the trees, Nagrom knew that this journey had changed her, but she knew it was for the better. And years from now, when her friends and family asked her if she treasured her time in the Enchanted Forest, fighting the Evil Geniuses and Conspiracy with the dragons and Godzilla, she would reply, “always.”



AUTHOR’S NOTE: If this short story didn’t make it clear, fall orientation means so much to me. I don’t think I would be the person I am today if I had not done fall orientation in my first year. It has made me realize that I can overcome my shyness and anxiety and I truly think it is the most important time in a new student’s university career. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it.

– Morgan Lang


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