Home is where the *heart emoji* is

I’m gonna let you in on a piece of fun trivia.

TRIVIA BY MORGAN, GO! (pretend there’s theme music or something)

One of my favourite sounds in the world is the sound of someone laughing so hard that all comes out is a little wheeze of air. It makes every situation infinitely funnier and when it happens, you just know that they ACTUALLY find you funny. “What does this have to do with anything?” you may be asking. Well everything is connected in the circle of life, my young padawan.

Well that was a mess of references wasn’t it? But seriously, it’s related. Trust me.

The wheeze-laugh reminds me of home. And I love home. When I’m away at school I don’t really notice how much I miss home, but when I go home for break and then have to go back to my apartment 4 hours away, that’s when it hits me. I hate leaving, but I know I have to because, as my mother keeps reminding me, I am old now. People around me are getting engaged, married, pregnant – you name it, it’s happening and it’s freaking me right out! But I am an “old woman now” according to my mother, so leaving home is just inevitable. That doesn’t make it any easier of course, and most of the people around me seem to have no problem being away from their families while at school. Maybe they’re just pretending to be adults (lezzbehonest, who isn’t?), I don’t know.

But the truth is, I enjoy being home with my family and if I’m being perfectly honest, I spent the majority of my two weeks home this break hanging out with my parents and my dog. And it was the best, I’m not kidding. My New Years Eve was spend watching Ridiculous Six with them and the boyfriend, and I can guarantee it was a better night than a lot of other people probably had. So there you go parents, I actually admitted that you guys are pretty cool, hope you’re happy.


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