Be true to your school

Okay, let me just preface this by saying that I normally go out of my way to avoid talking to people on a daily basis.  People aren’t really my thing, I’m too awkward to be around them and act normally.

That being said I have been trying so hard this year to put myself out there, outside my comfort zone.  In doing this, I have successfully infiltrated a variety of groups on campus.  They have yet to realize the outsider in their midst.  Jess and I (because I’m a child and can’t do things by myself) have joined Red Zone, are communication committee members for CAB, and go to origami on campus every month.  This is a big deal people.  HUGE DEAL.

Red Zone is like, the craziest bunch of weirdos I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting, and I love it.  Despite what you might think, I have major school spirit and Red Zone is the epitome of school spirit. This weekend was Cap Hoops (Capital Hoops, for you Muggles, is an annual basketball tournament between Carleton and uOttawa) and the Ravens kicked some serious ass.  Our women’s team lost narrowly, but our men’s DOMINATED.  This was the first big event Jess and I attended as members of Red Zone (we’ve been to other minor basketball games and some football games) and I personally felt totally welcome.  It was so much fun and I’m just super excited to attend more games with these utterly awesome people.

IMG_20150206_161151 1479322_655156437927594_1229673103477707121_n 10968540_655154597927778_774881196352620165_n 10959869_10153013057215138_2528697672100096621_n

Jess and I are also on the CAB communications committee, which is the best committee ever.  I mean, I spend all my time on social media as it is, I might as well be on a committee for it, right?  We volunteer for a lot of events on campus through this committee, and we have the best events.  I’m talking BINGO, FAMILY FEUD, the works.  It’s not even work, it’s just fun.  Our director is also pretty cool, so there’s that.


And then there’s origami, which is just a fun time every time we go.  I can’t make anything that I learned, like this adorable penguins – but hey, I make a mean paper crane.


When you get to Carleton in your first year, so many people tell you to get involved in your first year.  They always say they wished they had gotten involved in first year, rather than waiting until the next year.  I kind of agree with this, but at the same time I’m a little glad that I took my first year to just get a handle on university life without too many distractions.  I’m plenty involved now, so I feel like I’ve made up for it.

Get out and get involved people!  If you’ll excuse the Glee reference, “being part of something special makes you special.”


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