Groundhog’s Day Resolution

This is something you might not expect from me and my blog.

I have a New Year’s Resolution!  But, given how it’s the first day of February, I’m going to make it my Groundhog’s Day Resolution – spice things up a bit.


This is Libby, Mikey’s sister and honestly one of my best friends.  She’s a cool lady; if you know her you know I’m right.

This spring/summer Libby and I are going to {attempt} to get… wait for it… fit.  Yes, I know – it’s shocking.

But, regardless!  It is something we have decided to commit to, and take seriously.  I’ve wanted to do this for some time now, but I find I work better when I have someone else struggling with me, and no one ever wanted to join me in my “journey” or whatever.  But now I have a partner in crime!

We’ll see how it goes, I’m sure there will be a mixture of blood, sweat, and tears from both of us… but hey, no pain no gain right?

P.S. Libby recently started a blog of her own!  You can check it out here Finding It!


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