53 Things I Learned from First Year University

  1. Exams are both more scary and less scary than people will have you believe.
  2. You will make friends, even if you think you won’t.
  3. Your teachers actually do care, at least sometimes.
  4. Not knowing your (new) roommate can turn out not so bad!
  5. Patience.  Especially when you were just getting up to pee and your canmates decided to have a shower.
  6. The sound of other people peeing eventually becomes not a big deal anymore.
  7. You might not get as homesick as you thought you would.
  8. Earplugs are life savers.
  9. Don’t work on your bed.  For some reason Tumblr becomes way more distracting when you’re not at your desk.
  10. Keep your workspace clear.  Seriously, eventually it’ll drive you bonkers.
  11. You might be able to get away with not doing laundry for three weeks, but that doesn’t mean you should.
  12. Most times, you’ll be able to sleep through the drunken yelling in the hall.
  13. Your canmates will lock you out of the bathroom.  Try not to get too mad, you’ve done it to them too.
  14. Fresh air is good.  Tunnels are lovely, but try to come up for air sometimes.
  15. Personal hygiene: also good.  Especially when you share a bedroom with 1 other person and a bathroom with 2.
  16. You will most likely get sick.  It’s perfectly acceptable to call/text your mom to get her to make you feel better.
  17. You do not have to drink if you do not want to.  Don’t change who you are for these people.
  18. There will be sketchbags in residence.  Don’t feel afraid to ask your Rez Fellow for help and tell the sketchbag to get lost.
  19. Routines are great, but they sure do make time go by a hell of a lot faster.  Don’t think you have all this time, you really don’t.
  20. April will come faster than you ever imagined, it’s scary but you will be okay.
  21. There will be weeks when you have four essays due.  Don’t panic, you can do it.
  22. Not all long distance relationships work.  I’ve seen it.
  23. Some people just aren’t cut out for university.  It’s not your job to make them stay when they clearly don’t want to be there.
  24. Do you.  University changes people, but don’t let yourself change for the wrong reasons.
  25. Eating alone in the cafeteria is not a bad thing.
  26. Because alone time is something not to take for granted.
  27. You don’t need to go home every weekend.
  28. But if you want to go home at every available opportunity, go right ahead.
  29. Find out where the library is and use it.  Even if it’s just for writing your essay without distractions.  Seriously.
  30. Your parents might stress you out to no end, but remember that they’re just trying to help you out.
  31. Don’t sweat it if you don’t know exactly what you want to do with your life.  People change their minds constantly.
  32. Changing your major is a-okay and perfectly normal.
  33. You can major in whatever you want.  It’s your life, remember that.
  34. You have 52 weeks in the year to drink.  Don’t do all of it in the span of one.
  35. Frosh week is an amazing experience and will seriously help you make friends.
  36. There are some lecture halls (River Building) that are comfier than others.  Don’t take them for granted.
  37. Honestly, sometimes taking the stairs in the Uni Centre instead of the hills in the tunnels is a better tradeoff.
  38. Loeb Cafe has the best breakfast that I have (to date) found on campus.
  39. Gift cards.  You don’t need much else for Christmas or birthday’s ever again.
  40. Money is not going to reappear in your bank account.  Take better care of it next year.
  41. But don’t forget to have some fun every now and then.
  42. The caf is wonderful, but eventually you will want a home cooked meal.
  43. Ask your parents for care packages, they are amazing.
  44. If your family is like mine, all the pictures/videos of your pets will make you feel like you never left.
  45. It’s not a big deal if you have pictures from your high school days.  Those people were your friends long before you came here.
  46. So what if your room is cluttered?  I prefer the term “cozy”.
  47. Take advantage of car pools.  I’ve heard that bus rides back home suck.
  48. Keep in touch with who you want.  Your high school friends have changed, just like you.  Some not for the better.
  49. You probably won’t get the same kind of grades you got in high school.  Don’t sweat it, it happens to everyone.
  50. If you don’t have to pull all-nighters, don’t do it.  Because…
  51. SLEEP IS SACRED.  Seriously.  Sleep.  Do it.
  52. Take some time away from social media and texting.  Clear your head.
  53. Weekends are great for catching up on homework.  Or catching up on sleep and TV episodes.  Whichever.

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