100 Days of Happiness

I am a happy person. I have said that before.
But for this post, I have decided to post pictures or comments about what has made me happy on any given day.
These pictures/comments might not be consecutive, and I might post more than one photo per day.

Day 1:


Finishing essays makes me happy.  I am officially done all of my essays except one. Hallelujah.

Day 2:


Spring makes me happy.  It actually feels like an honest to god spring day outside today! I walked outside to my classes!

Day 3: I heard birds having a conversation today while walking outside because it was another gorgeous day! I’m not a bird expert, but it sounded like a conversation!

Day 4:

Meeting insanely cool people in class makes me happy.  My journalism class has the best guest speakers, and today’s was no exception. (Left: Prof. Allan Thompson; right: Peter Mansbridge)

Day 5:

Bed makes me happy.  Curling up in bed after a day of classes is magical.

Day 6:


Dancing and dressing up makes me happy.  My residence had a “prom” in March, and it was super fun!  I love any excuse to dress up and party with my home dogs!!

{From left to right: Chris, Mikey, Me, Jess, Aurora}

Day 7:


My crazy family makes me happy.  My family came to visit me at the end of the semester.  It was a much needed visit and super duper fun!

{From left to right: Mom, Dad, Dylan, Kelsey}

Day 8:

Mikey at Hog's Back Falls Me at Hog's Back Falls

Exploring and adventuring makes me happy.  I love exploring!  These pictures were taken at Hog’s Back Falls, which is about a twenty minute walk from campus.  A beautiful spot, definitely returning to explore further!

Day 9:

Lighting of Parliament

Having a place to live this school year makes me happy.  I recently signed a lease on an apartment for next year.  I get to room with the lovely lady pictured above, and it’s in the same building as Michael’s, which is just an added bonus!  I feel so grown up!

Day 10:

Me at Niagara Falls

Family vacations make me happy.  My family usually takes a vacation in the summer, but this year we went a little earlier.  We journeyed alllll the way to Niagara Falls in May for the weekend.  It was a little shorter than our usual vacations, but it was still a great time.

Day 11:


Knowing that my friend isn’t suffering anymore makes me happy.  We put our dog Addie down yesterday.  It’s still really sad, but at least now I know that, wherever she is, she’s not in pain anymore.  I like to think that she’s with her best friend Molly (my dog), chasing squirrels and playing fetch.  R.I.P


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