Merry Clinchmas!

What a time to be alive, Blue Jays fans!

Let me tell you, I am pretty damn excited that the Blue Jays have clinched the AL East title for the first time in my lifetime. Literally, their drought was longer than my life. That’s insane! But we have overcome the hard times and are moving on to better things!

Baseball has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I played t-ball with my brother when we were barely able to walk straight, let alone run to first base. There wasn’t a whole lot of scoring, it was mostly crying. When we gave that up, we watched my dad play slo-pitch up until about two years ago. I never really learned how to keep score or anything, but I loved going and watching. It was a tradition of a sort, and I loved it.

People might think that I hopped on this bandwagon only when the Jays started winning, but I like to think that I inherited them from my parents and my grandpa. So really, who hopped on who’s bandwagon?

Here’s to a great post-season! Is it feeling like ’93 to anyone else?