Family Time

My family has been going on camping trips for pretty much as long as I can remember. We started out in the typical fashion; we would set up our tent, roll out our sleeping bags and revel in the rustic-ness of tent camping. After a run in with a certain masked rodent, my mom decided that if we ever wanted to go camping again, it had to be in a slightly less-penetrable way. So, we upgraded to a tag-along trailer. This did the trick until we actually towed it to Niagara Falls, after which my dad decided he never wanted to go through that kind of stress again. Next came the fifth-wheel. We are now on our third fifth-wheel, but the concept of camping hasn’t changed much.

Now to go camping, we pack our belonging into our “wheel-estate” and make our way to any campground that will fit us.

We have used our trailer at Disney World, Mount Rushmore, the Calgary Stampede, Prince Edward Island, Billings Montana (the very first KOA ever), Washington D.C, Niagara Falls (a much less stressful trip this time around), Cedar Point, Manitoulin Island etc. etc..

The point is, we take our trailer practically everywhere we travel. This time we took a trip a little closer to home – McRae Provincial Park, just outside Orillia, Ontario.

The funny thing about camping with my family is that we always fight when we’re confined in our 38′ trailer in the rain, but I love going camping with them anyway.


My parents friends can’t believe that my siblings and I would ever want to go on a trip with our parents – we are teenagers after all.

Besides the fact that going with our parents is the only way we’d ever get anywhere (sorry parents), I actually enjoy our time together as a family. 

It really puts in perspective just how little families interact with each other nowadays. We’re all plugged into our phones 24/7, talking to people miles away from us instead of the people right in front of us.

Admittedly, I’m writing this on my phone while my mom and sister work on a puzzle right in front of me. But it’s for the blog, that’s different right? 

The moral of the story, dear readers, is go and talk to your parents, sit with your siblings – have an actual conversation, enjoy some quality time. You never know when you might have the chance again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a puzzle to finish.



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