England 2015

So, I have wanted to go to England since I was probably 10.  My father is from there, so I have quite a bit of family across the pond.  Mikey is currently in England visiting family for three weeks, so naturally I am super jealous.  My sister is also travelling to England next year for a school trip – double the jealousy.

It is because of these occurrences that I have decided to go to England next spring.  It is going to take a lot of money, but I am determined to go.  This coming year is going to be dedicated to achieving my dream!  I am going to save every loose coin I find, I’m going to put almost all of every paycheque in the bank where I can’t touch it, and I’m going to make it work.

Hopefully Mikey will be able to come with me, as well as my BFF Sammi and her boyfriend Kevin.  I really want this, I’ve wanted it for almost ten years now.

It will happen.

I will be posting updates on how much money I have raised, what I plan on doing while I’m over there etc.

It’s gonna be epic!


3 thoughts on “England 2015

    • I’ve been on a bunch of family vacations all over Canada and the US so that’s good for the travel bug! I’ve been to Japan and Europe with my high school, so this is just next on the list!!

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