Growing up with tea

As I write this, I’m working my way through my second cup of tea today. It’s Rooibos Vanilla tea, with honey in it to soothe my sore throat. It’s also decaf to accommodate my “disease” as Mikey likes to call it. It may be considered useless to a lot of people, but I love my decaf tea.
When I was growing up, my mom would always make a pot of tea for guests and my grandma would do the same thing. I always saw tea as something grownups drank. If I drank tea, I was one of the grownups.
I drink tea all the time now, differently than when I used to drink it like my mom. My tea is anemic looking, full of milk or Carnation, and it sometimes has honey in it, but I love it. 
My mom doesn’t really like tea, but she drinks it anyway. I on the other hand love tea. It soothes me and reminds me of my mom, my nanny and my grandma.
Tea is not just a drink for me, it is a memory and a feeling.
And when I drink it while watching my BBC shows, I feel incredibly British, so that’s a bonus.
Long live tea. 



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