Remembrance and Controversy

I have recently (recently being this morning) been made aware of a ‘white poppy’ campaign going around.  The white poppy is supposed to symbolize peace rather than the red poppy, which stands for… wait, what?

It has always been my belief that the poppy is a symbol of peace, remembrance, and sacrifice.  We don’t need a new poppy to symbolize our want for peace, we have one already (one that personally, I wear almost year round, depending on how long my poppy lasts before it falls off).  I think people need to realize that the poppy isn’t a sign that we advocate war, or glorify it in any way – it is our way of saying thank you to those who fought for our freedom, and to honour those who died in the process.

This Remembrance Day, I will be proudly wearing the poppy, showing my support and utter gratitude for my great-uncle and all the other soldiers who died for Canada, and for the soldiers who are with us today.

Lest We Forget.


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